Happy Canyon Characters

Indian Announcer

Played by Bryson Bronson

Bronson is in his fifth year as the Indian announcer and riding lead trail horse Chinook in the Happy Canyon Night Show. Bronson and Chinook also lead the Westward Ho! Parade and make appearances at other out of town events.
Indian Announcer played by Bryson Bronson

Costume elements

  • Feathered war bonnet: Passed down from Dr. Rich Koch, a former Happy Canyon Indian director.
  • Choker: Made of wampums and other beads.
  • Nez Perce/Umatilla breast plate: Made by Bronson’s grandmother, Sarah Kash Kash.
  • Chest plate: Made of wampums and elk teeth.
  • Warm Springs wrist cuffs: Made by Ike Blackwolf.
  • Moose-hide moccasins


Can-Can Dancer

Played by Courtney Brown

Brown is in her second year as a can-can dancer. The dancers made their debut in the 1950 pageant. The dance, which they perform on the Western town boardwalk, has since become one of the more recognizable moments of the show.
Can-Can Dancer played by Courtney Brown

Costume elements:

  • Hair pretty: Can-can dancers used to wear hats instead of feathers.
  • Jeweled choker: Made from elastic ribbon.
  • Corduroy dress: Prior to update a decade ago, can-can dresses were made of crushed velvet.
  • Laced ruffles: On the inside of the dress.
  • Pink color: Is one of the five worn by can-can dancers. Other colors are blue, turquoise, red and purple.
  • Fishnet stockings: Attached to garter belts.
  • Black ballet shoes: Ankle ribbon sewn on by can-can dance director Shelby McQuinn.


William Clark

Played by Travis Hancock

Hancock is in his 10th year as William Clark. Clark is best known for reaching the Pacific Ocean with Meriweather Lewis and establishing relations with several American Indian tribes in the early 1800s.
William Clark played by Travis Hancock

Costume elements:

  • Tricorne hat: Lewis is more often depicted with this style of hat, though accounts differ.
  • Replica gold gilt buttons
  • Blue woolen cutaway coat:Lewis and Clark wore their U.S. military coats when they departed for the expedition
  • Deerskin tasseled pants
  • Red cummerbund sash with tassels
  • Replica (and fake) single-shot, muzzle loading rifle